I know how important early detection is, and I am so thankful the ‘Gift of Life’ found my cancer.

Sara Ibarra, 47, of Beaumont, knows the importance of regular mammograms because of her mother’s death from breast cancer at age 43 and genetic testing.

Without adequate health insurance, Sara sought the help of the “Gift of Life” to provide her with vital cancer screenings for several consecutive years. Despite her vigilance, this mother of seven and grandmother of four felt uneasy when she discovered a lump in her breast. Her suspicions were confirmed when she was diagnosed with breast cancer following a mammogram at the Willard Library van site sponsored by the YMBL.

Sara’s strong will to live has made her a valiant survivor, bravely fighting the disease with follow-up care at UTMB-Galveston. Surrounded by a supportive family, she remains ever grateful to the “Gift of Life” for providing her with a mammogram when she needed it most.