Clients who benefit from the free cancer screening services the "Gift of Life" provides also lack options when an abnormal test result indicates the need for follow-up medical care. In fact, while the screenings represent an important program feature on their own, their full significance as an early detection tool is diminished if clients with abnormal results cannot afford the necessary follow-up care (such as repeat screenings, biopsies, surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy). Therefore, the Gift of Life provides access to follow-up medical care for all eligible clients who have abnormal screening results through a referral link with UTMB-Galveston.

Case management services are provided to clients who require follow-up health care. Our case manager assists women and men in completing financial counseling, obtaining appointments at UTMB, and solving transportation issues. She also makes sure clients in need of further testing are aware of the availability of follow-up care, offers need-based referrals to area agencies, and advocates on clients' behalves to address treatment issues that arise.

For more information about eligibility for follow-up, please call Eisha Killian at (409) 833-3663 (or toll-free at 877-720-4438).