I hope that sharing my story will inspire other women not to wait until it’s too late like I did.

Wary of physicians and hospitals after losing her husband to bladder cancer, Marna Franks, 52, of Kirbyville, believed her superior health excluded her from regular check-ups.

In the summer of 2010, Marna discovered a lump in her breast at a time when she was without medical insurance. She turned to the “Gift of Life” for assistance and was screened at the Dauphin Cancer Screening and Prevention Center through the sponsorship of Jasper’s Walk of Hope. Sadly, results reflected the breast cancer had spread to her lungs, liver and spleen.

Though the diagnosis was overwhelming, Marna’s optimism remains undeterred. While undergoing treatment, she continues living her life to the fullest, enjoying her time with family and engaging in vigorous physical activities. Now an advocate for regular screenings, Marna shares her compelling story with other women so they will realize the importance of early detection.