If it wasn’t for the ‘Gift of Life,’ prostate cancer could have taken my life.

Growing up with 12 brothers and sisters, Beaumont resident John Cassimere, 46, has always appreciated the close-knit bond of his family. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer in July 2009, his family assumed a heightened level of importance and quickly became his foundation for healing.

Worried by persistent physical changes, John feared he might have a serious problem. He was hesitant to attend the 2008 “Gift of Life” Beaumont Prostate Cancer Screening, but knew he had to think about his two children. A high Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) score required follow-up testing, and after a biopsy, his concerns were confirmed.

John received a radical prostatectomy in October and turned to his siblings, extended family and the “Gift of Life” for courage to fight the disease.

Now John says his life is back to normal. He is proud to say he missed only six weeks of work after surgery and is thankful to the “Gift of Life” for making the screening and treatment available to him.