It can be difficult to depend on others, but I appreciate all that the ‘Gift of Life’ has done for me.

Betty Lyons, 50, of Beaumont, is known for being an expert caregiver with a kind heart. While raising her four children, she often took in neighborhood children and, with her compassionate nature, was a favorite employee in senior  healthcare.

Despite her superior abilities, Betty devoted herself to others and had little time for her own health, especially when it came to getting yearly mammograms. With the encouragement of friends, Betty eventually called the “Gift of Life.” She received a clinical breast exam and mammogram at the Dauphin Cancer Screening and Prevention Center, through the generous support of Linda and Joe Penland.

Following a breast cancer diagnosis, mastectomy and chemotherapy at UTMB-Galveston, Betty is now in remission and learning how to make her own needs a priority. She is thankful that the “Gift of Life” was there for her when she needed it most.