Mission Statement

To provide Southeast Texans extensive educational outreach that focuses on breast, prostate, testicular, ovarian, and other gynecological cancers; free mammograms and prostate cancer screenings with access to follow-up treatment for medically underserved women and men; and a tobacco prevention program, which targets both adults and children.

Program Overview

The Julie Rogers "Gift of Life" Program is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Beaumont, Texas and serving all of Southeast Texas. The organization has funded nearly 23,000 free mammograms and more than 6,000 free prostate cancer screenings, and has conducted more than 700 educational outreach encounters since its inception, reaching 110,000 people.


The Julie Rogers “Gift of Life” Program was established in Beaumont, Texas, in 1994 by Regina Rogers as a tribute to her mother, Julie, a breast cancer survivor, who had a double mastectomy in 1988 and who died following complications from a stroke and heart attack in 1998. Originally dedicated to providing free mammograms for medically underserved women, in the past twelve years, the organization’s services have multiplied and the agency has grown into one of the largest cancer screening initiatives of its type in the state of Texas.

Community Partnerships

Miracle Match for Life

Sponsored by BASF FINA Petrochemicals, LP, and TOTAL Petrochemicals, Inc., Miracle Match for Life is a collaborative partnership of LifeShare Blood Centers, the Gulf Coast Marrow Donor Program, and the "Gift of Life." Community activist Mark Viator founded Miracle Match in 2001 following his wife Lori's successful marrow match with an infant girl suffering from leukemia.

Spirit of Love Awards

Annually, the "Gift of Life" presents both individual and corporate "Spirit of Love" awards at its annual board meeting.

The Julie Rogers "Spirit of Love" Award recognizes those persons who have exemplified unparalleled dedication, commitment, and spirit in the fight against cancer, while the corporate "Spirit of Love" Award celebrates organizations that exhibit outstanding community leadership and share the "Gift of Life" Program’s mission to provide quality healthcare for those who are medically underserved.

Making a Difference

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